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"Thimerosal and Autism?"
Pediatrics, Karen Nelson, MD (March 2003)


This isn't a study at all, but rather a review of other studies and some opinions rendered from two scientists. It is helpful, however, in explaining how neurotoxic mercury really is.

Actual Question This Study Asked & Answered:

Q: Are Thimerosal and autism related, according to other studies?

A: No.

Did the study look at unvaccinated children?


Conflict of Interest (from the study itself):

Lead author works at a government agency, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Ability to Generalize:

None. Itís not a study, itís a review.

Post-Publication Criticism:


Scoring (Out of 40 possible points):

Given a zero because it is not applicable.

Choice Excerpt from the Study:

"Mercury in sufficient dose is neurotoxic, and probably more toxic in the immature brain. It is reasonable to ask whether thimerosal in childhood vaccine increases risk of chronic childhood neurologic disability and specifically of autism. The available data with which to address the question are very limited and largely inferential."